Fructify, Fatherfuckers!

That first word, it really does exist. And because I conceived the second one and “spoke” it into cyberspace, it too exists. Is William Fucking Unimpeachable Shakespeare the last man who could fabricate words?!

Fructifying is the opposite of what I am lately. Maybe not so much with this post. People goan read it just because of the *gasp* crude word up in it.

Anybody read any Adam Johnson? I got “Fortune Smiles”; he got the Pulitzer for “The Orphan Master’s Son”. It’s set in North Korea….I can’t be bothered. Anyhow, he’s a doll. I haven’t seen his likeness, but of course it’s best if a man is a physically fit hottie. Lemme ask Google for a pic:

[He’d be more handsome if he’d…]


[here’s a different Adam Johnson. He’ll do.]


Oh, lookee!, same pic of Julian Edelman I posted yesterday! Any guys getting nervous? Tell me, TELL ME you don’t want to give him affection. It aint gotta be about sex in the *bedroom*, does it? He’s gotta wife, but we aint gonna tell her, right?




Author: Robert Cox


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