Push It

Well, I had to fuck with this photograph, shot here in Santa Barbara this morning at Central Library. The “blues” weren’t right, now they’re more like violet. It was her hair…


Is that Nraham Gorton, defaced with (cuz color has gender! yeah, it does!) baby girl blue and little boy pink?  Is he throwin’ signs?! Fuck, watch out!, the gay mafia’s comin’…to turn all the boys out with our *special gay voodoo* which I’m guessing is a modification of the incantation of the Winsome Witch (“Come on broom!, I need a groom! Hippity, bippity, POW!!”). Mr. Gorton’s had that hottie Michael Fassbender on his show more than once. Hmm, wonder why?! Russell Crowe more than once, too; Crowe is ever entertaining. Rebel Wilson’s never not funny. Kevin Bridges was on it at least once –that’s not a brogue, that’s a brogue upon a brogue. Lily Tomlin was kinda a snarky dick about it. Yeah, James McAvoy more than once. He’s lovely.



Author: Robert Cox


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