Erm, Resting on My Laurels, then?

I have hundreds of my photos and my photoshopperies on this flash drive. I can’t in good conscience come here, leave remarks on your posts, and then provide nothing for you to look at. I support other artists, and I like to toot my own horn too.

It’s strange how my mojo waxes and wanes. I’d like to pontificate, but nothing’s buggin’. I lost my wallet about 2 weeks ago, but I can’t be arsed to go to the DMV to replace my licence. Boy, I *really* don’t have so-called stressors; somehow I neeeeeeeeeeed angst to create. Call me Camus, Jr?

It’s a hostile meme, and it’s still funny. You ever met someone who’s “bipolar” and just talks your ears off?


Shoot the t.v! The cable signal malfunctions. Cable company is Cox Communications. Nope, I’m not an heir.


This is why I’m partial to Nikon.


Like orchids on this species of tree. They’re pink, actually.


Alit on blighted pumpkin.


Ladies, guys like this make me gay. You hafta share! WWII gunner I think. Horace Bristol photograph, methinks the gunner didn’t really need to be nude to do his thang.


Selfie; I was slim. I like to be skinny like that, but no fat/no sugar diets SUCK.

me flash photo in front of mirror face obscured was skinny


Author: Robert Cox


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