Now I’ve got new-found respect for copyrights. Not that there’s any corporation that would sue me; I’ve no notoriety. This is a shot of a flat-screen televison. I don’t know who the man is/was; the woman is Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco; absolutely filled with GLEE that the opposition flailed in the House of Representatives.


That’s the back-side of a friend. I hadn’t known I was looking at the dreds on a woman I know. That seeming golden clasp in her hair was my clue; after I took this shot I took the opportunity to chat her up a bit. She has a darling baby, about 1 year old.


A recent sunrise; maybe 2 days ago as I nipped off the the mini-mart for a coffee. The employee who works in the morning is lovely; and she has a brilliant memory.



Author: Robert Cox


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