Brightened My Moment

The way I am, I can never be bothered to do this sort of thing. Today, this morning, I had to shoot the television. He’s a Monday thru Friday a.m. cutie-pie who’s name I don’t remember (and he’s also what people used to call a ‘talking head’); for a change and not because I really think that Disney Corp. would sue me nor have a lawyer send me the dreadful Cease and Desist letter; I wanted to see what I could do!

I’m pining for accolades, which is despicable, I know. I can’t help it, it’s my best one yet. Which is to say it’s my most recent Best One Yet.

In relation to this swell ditty, and also to a trip my cousin B. and my, um, cousin-in-law…natch, my cousin, S, her husband, is a kind-hearted man…made to my hometown; that is, the itinerant hometime of my elder sister R; we were in what’s called locally (brace yourself; it’s disingenuous; awful really ) the Funk Zone (and so you’ve a reason to hate Posh & Trendy Santa Barbara: insider a small, small! gallery.

The live-in artist in her, um, studio; who really I think was a bit earnest to sell her paintings…she had a technique similar to the petulant way I obliterated his face, and, also underlying the new meaning I gave to the marquee ‘behind’ him (studio blue screen of course). I was not in the least my intention to imitate her, it’s just the way this came out.



Author: Robert Cox


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