Flash Drives Better than Chocolate

I have so many of my own pictures, and things I’ve digitized, usually for special effects; on a flash drive. I was reviewing it today to find things to email to my dad, it’s been a while since I entertained him that way. I stumbled across things I’d completely forgotten…that would be about 98% of what’s on it. Care to take a look.

Had taken off my hoodie to get this shot. Is that an inch-worm?, I dunno. Cute little bugger. Whatever species it is, they drop from trees here only for a short duration at a particular time of year (I don’t remember which season). Over-sized, and frankly grotesque BIG-ass head they have. 1/2″ long.


Probably about 10 years old, walking down a well-used thoroughfare here, shot of a jalapeñ o. Computer graphics were still a novelty for me.


How could I resist?



pink flowers on succulent macro Apr 2016

I rarely save grainy images, but this one’s a winner.


Scream. Scream and flee. Grab a shoe or a fly-swatter or a spouse. Personally I luv ’em.


It’s the image from  the t.v. reflected on the underside of the fan’s blade.

tv refracted on ceiling fan

Pictures of televisions, what they were, if modern in, say 1996, will come out this way. It’s a local cable channel, channel 23, called “HLN”. The annotated Tiger is that golfer on a bit of a short come-back. Real short I think it was.

tv shot tigers leading the way


Author: Robert Cox


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