Lest I Feel Guilty

Oh gawd, I went crazy, put 24 pictures & digitized images here. I didn’t know I went overboard like that. The thing is, I just CAN’T come here and leave remarks on others’ posts without leaving fodder on mine. There’s some self-portraits in here; the backside of a stranger with a beautiful physique; F., with whom I formerly lived; those entirely red plants popping out of the earth were in Pinecrest, Cal, elev. approx. 1 mile in the Sierra Nevada; check out that fearful woman crossing the street with her companion…way too camera shy.

DSCN1919DSCN1928DSCN2107DSCN2149DSCN2183tinted-signedDSCN2258DSCN2629firstselfportraitfrancesfacemacrocloseupFSCN0844FSCN2382greek figsguy up on roof cool image that i madehalf burgundy red spiderIMG_2142IMG_2173IMG_2242IMG_2307IMG_2328IMG_2331IMG_2367IMG_2380IMG_2416IMG_2430


Author: Robert Cox


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