While I’m Waiting for One of My Mojos to Return

I’m talking about writing, I guess what you’d call essays or opinion(ated) pieces. There is really nothing going through my mind representative of the sorts of thing one writes about in order to persuade others. I don’t pray (my god is the entirety of the Universe, I just can’t petition…what…87 nonillion protons to do my bidding) but if you do, please, ask your god or gods to inspire me. It’s pathetic that I’m presently reduced to rehashing.

This morning I was looking at thumbnails on my flash drive in the hopes of finding something to put special effects upon. Here’s a photograph of a woman, who surely is highly eccentric or outright crazy sheathed really in the way of a fundamentalist muslim. I tinkered with Photoshop “Filter” until something groovy materialized. The third image is a picture of the television with captions on. Do you photograph? Take shots of the t.v. with captions on. Keep at it until you get hilarious results. Don’t ask me “What the hell were you watching?” cuz I won’t tell you, I’m feeling coy. Clever. Well, maybe I’ll tell if you ask in an aggressive manner.

homeless woman masquerading as taliban bitch in blackhomeless woman masquerading as taliban bitch in black ALTEREDIMG_2154


Author: Robert Cox


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