What Came a’Round Went Round’a!

Forgive me, for my blog is all social commentary all the time, even when it’s merely images sans syntax.

Now: Dave Stewart of the band Eurythmics did it first. Have you lately(ish) [within the last, say, 2 years then] seen men age 20something-ish wearing what are dangly and obviously ‘woman’ earrings? A man who’s hetero has to be a bit brave perhaps brazen to do that.

Well, it’s quite a look! Sexy as all hell! Dave Stewart of the phenomenal band Eurythmics was doing it as far back as 1985. Me-win-ialls? EAT YOUR FARTS OUT.



Unusual Photos

The “rule of thirds” isn’t the only one I break.

That would be its fruit.



Sorry (not really), but, graffiti can be beautiful. Somebody tagged the post office.



I am always taken when I see a bloom on this species.



Somebody saw fit to leave a watermelonelle here of all places. Do you love it.