What Came a’Round Went Round’a!

Forgive me, for my blog is all social commentary all the time, even when it’s merely images sans syntax.

Now: Dave Stewart of the band Eurythmics did it first. Have you lately(ish) [within the last, say, 2 years then] seen men age 20something-ish wearing what are dangly and obviously ‘woman’ earrings? A man who’s hetero has to be a bit brave perhaps brazen to do that.

Well, it’s quite a look! Sexy as all hell! Dave Stewart of the phenomenal band Eurythmics was doing it as far back as 1985. Me-win-ialls? EAT YOUR FARTS OUT.


Unusual Photos

The “rule of thirds” isn’t the only one I break.

That would be its fruit.



Sorry (not really), but, graffiti can be beautiful. Somebody tagged the post office.



I am always taken when I see a bloom on this species.



Somebody saw fit to leave a watermelonelle here of all places. Do you love it.



This Instead

Recently I boasted, right here in WP even!, despicable me: that I was going to make [paraphrase] something outta this world. I coulda known that when I regained access to THE PHOTOSHOP I’d no longer be in the right –florid– state of mind. Instead, here’s something new; new for me, new to you when it comes to what-I’m-able-to-do:


The Feeling Is Mutual

I had read an interview of “Christeene [Vale]”. A transcript of his show. Talked in straight up ebonics. Without using stereotypes of black people speech. Hilarious! I tried to find some on The Google; here’s the BOOLEAN search I did: christeene AND (“ebonic*” OR “african-american speak*” OR “african american speak*” OR (“black AND speak*”). So, it seems that with the sole exception of myself, NOBODY has seen fit to remark [not in cyberspace at least] about C’s ebonicisms. Perplexing and ironic!


“…Paul Soileau talks about more-punk-than-drag persona Christeene Vale…

…Christeene came out of me, I was searching for something that had the action of a switchblade in my pocket — a character I could really put on quickly, but effect people in a much stronger way. Something strong enough to channel things inside of me that needed to come out — more aggressive things. When everything aligned properly, Christine kind of just appeared. I found the wig and went to town…

…What kind of blows people’s tops is that there is nothing angry or asshole-ish or negative about Christeene. The character is a very kind and approachable; and that’s when people start to listen. It’s just that when it’s on stage, you see the flip side of Christeene — it’s very aggressive and very raw. It harkens back to more of a punk thing, like you’re watching a punk show. I would never call it a drag show…

…Tell me about it! It’s like the assimilation of…Like “let’s make this pretty for the masses.”…It’s exactly what happened to New Y…let’s make this whole city safe for tourists. Let’s make it so no one will be afraid to go to New Y…cause it’s…Fuck that shit…”