Now I’ve got new-found respect for copyrights. Not that there’s any corporation that would sue me; I’ve no notoriety. This is a shot of a flat-screen televison. I don’t know who the man is/was; the woman is Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco; absolutely filled with GLEE that the opposition flailed in the House of Representatives.


That’s the back-side of a friend. I hadn’t known I was looking at the dreds on a woman I know. That seeming golden clasp in her hair was my clue; after I took this shot I took the opportunity to chat her up a bit. She has a darling baby, about 1 year old.


A recent sunrise; maybe 2 days ago as I nipped off the the mini-mart for a coffee. The employee who works in the morning is lovely; and she has a brilliant memory.



I’m generally either quick on the draw, or slow on the uptake. It took me a while: if a member has more than about 900 followers, that member just isn’t going to reply to my commentaries. That’s not my loss then.

I think that many of you surely have noticed the same thing I have, which is that the general, ah, **caliber** of writing in WordPress oftentimes leaves much to be desired.

–Robert Cox, 22 March 2017, 10:36 ‘Pacific Daylight Time’, in California.

From Guardian, U.K: “Keegan-Michael Key: a Right Glamour-Puss”

Foremost, it’s bearing ‘saying’: my camera is a Sony RX100 Mark 1. My eldest remaining sister told me, and I think she was talking about the current one, the Mark 4 (or maybe a previous incarnation: the Mark 3), it does a much better job when it comes to contrast around the edges of a photograph. Yet I am entirely gratified to have my camera. It’s a credit to Samy’s Camera here in Sta. Barb. Many of you visit us from afar: Welcome!

Have I ever mentioned that I am an American? That I’ve always lived my approx. 47 years in California? You should hear my inflection!: California Haughty with a Rainbow-Flavored Twist. I’d not have it said that I was yet another of the unsavory sorts that induce the, ah, less astute amongst us to assume that because some of what one reads on The Big Bad Internet is fictitious that therefore, somehow, everything one reads in cyberspace is therefore to be taken with not one but eight grains of salt? Absurdity. So, then, I’ve told you about my affections, and maybe my effectations too.

Here he is, courtesy of Wikipedia; and discourteously of me:

right glamour puss

And now: what had been at one very recent time my sole intention, which is to show you what I made today and yesterday. If I were 5 years old you’d think me precocious.

Shot; yesterday, right here at Central Library, here in Santa Barbara, California. I’ve chatted with him occasionally. He’s everything your instincts tell you he is. And completely harmless. Being an ‘eccentric’ I’m well situated to recognize profoundest eccentricities, non?


Toward admiration of beautiful physique.